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A Bread roll with Martino and Smos and a Croque Monsieur at ‘t Berekieke Antwerp

19 May

The first time I was in Antwerp I went to see all the city’s highlights and I had a satisfying but full planned few days. Therefore, this time I went to do some other, more relaxed things. One of those things was to check out the Kinepolis, a large cinema on the outskirts of Antwerp. They have huge screens with great sound in very large screening theaters. If you like film, make sure you check the Kinepolis out when you are in Antwerp.

But we were a little early at the Kinepolis and we decided to have some quick lunch before the film started. Around the Kinepolis there are a few restaurants and one of those was ‘t Berekieke. The picture above shows a bread roll with martino and smos. If you are asking yourself what smos is, that is exactly what I thought. I had seen smos being advertised throughout all of the city and I was very curious about what it could be. When the bread roll above was being served I still couldn’t figure out what it could be. My guess was that it was the sauce on the bread roll, my girlfriends guess was that it was the heap of vegetables on my bread roll. She was right. It indeed turned out to be that smos is a name for a type of topping consisting out of vegetables and slices of egg. The martino part of the bread roll meant that it was topped with steak tartare, piri-piri, tabasco, cayenne pepper, pickles, salt, ketchup, mustard, worcestersauce and diced onions. This combination makes it a tad spicy bread roll with a mouthful of vegetables and just enough meat for the right flavor.

The other dish was a classic Croque Monsieur: two slices of grilled white bread topped with ham and cheese. As condiments ‘t Berekieke added a bowl of salad and both tomato ketchup and mayonaise. Simple, familiar, but always good.

With this lunch in our stomachs we were now completely ready for our cinematic experience in the Kinepolis.


Canteris Revisited – Pita Gyros

23 Apr

After having told everybody of the delicious pita gyros that can be bought at Canteris in Leiden, I decided to buy some and visit my friend R. for lunch so he could taste it for himself.

Once again it looked good! Really stuffed to the maximum.

I just wanted to show to you how much meat fits into one pita. It really is no guessing what the main ingredient is. A real carnivores heaven!

Lunch at Teriyaki Boy, Cebu City

11 Apr

Oh boy. Its Teriyaki Boy! This is an alternative to all those fast food restaurants around. A great alternative! The restaurant looks good, the food tastes great and it is also quite cheap. What more do you want? Oh, something less greasy than a burger or some fries? Check! With a large menu and thus a large choice of dishes you can make it as greasy as you want.

Since their takeover by the Pancake House Group they underwent a large rebranding (as their site states). The brand mascot can be found everywhere in the restaurant. Due to the new look the restaurant does look modern and hygienic, which is nice, but I was more thinking about the fact that Teriyaki Boy should better deliver some good food!

First of all I ordered a refreshing watermelon shake:

It was cool, refreshing and sweet. Its so much better to drink this than an ordinary coke with your lunch.

What you see above is something that is quite commonly seen in Japanese cuisine. It is called a bento. It is a box shaped container filled with all kinds of food, but typically filled with rice, some meat or fish and vegetables. It is often taken to school as lunch, but it is also sold at shops and in convenience stores. In this case, it was sold in The Philippines at Teriyaki Boy and it was called the Teriyaki Boy Bento. What is in it? I will quote their website:

“Our best seller and specialty. Grilled boneless chicken marinated with our special teriyaki sauce. Served with steamed Japanese rice, miso soup, kani salad, sesame moyashi, coffee jelly and your choice of iced tea or soda.”

What caught my eye was what you see at the very bottom. That dark substance with whipped cream on top. Something that looks a bit out of place when you see the rest of the lunch in the bento. It was, as you could read, coffee flavored jelly. I tasted it, but it wasn’t really my kind of thing. If I remember correctly the (kani) salad was very richly topped with a kind of mayonnaise which was also something unusual. I believe you can see that in the right top corner. Maybe the mayonnaise was a bit over the top. Unusual food isn’t negative though, everything was eaten until the very last bite since it was really good.

This was my lunch. It looks a lot less than the bento right? It was. I can’t really recall why I chose to eat only some ramen, but that doesn’t really matter. Flavor wise it was a very good choice. The soup was very tasty, it really tasted like some strong broth. The ramen were excellent since they were perfectly chewy and the chicken was really full of flavor since it was marinated with their teriyaki sauce. As their website states:

“Our signature Teriyaki Boy Chicken, served on top of your choice noodle (Ramen or Udon) and soup base (Shoyu or Miso).”

I chose the Shoyu soup base, which was a good pick.

All in all I would say that this is a franchise that I would visit quite often if it would be around in The Netherlands, unfortunately they are only located in The Philippines. In my everlasting quest for good food, it seems that I will have to find it elsewhere in The Netherlands.

Tuincafé Intratuin

22 Mar

A few days ago I went with my girlfriend to the Intratuin. Intratuin is the largest chain of garden centres in The Netherlands, but we weren’t going there to buy plants or flowers. No, we went there to eat! In my quest for food no place and no food is forgotten so even the Tuincafé (garden café) of the Intratuin gets a visit. My girlfriend wasn’t hungry so she settled for the ‘seasons coffee’ which was coffee with white chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream, decorated with pieces of chocolate and a piece of kruidkoek (a Dutch cake made of rye, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, succade and nutmeg).

Unlike my girlfriend, I sure was hungry! I ordered the ‘panini of the month’ which was more like a grilled cheese sandwich than a panini. The bread was landbrood which is a soft bread with a crunchy, chewy crust. The bread was grilled (look at those grill marks!) so it became even more crunchy. The topping was coburgerham which is a salty German ham and brie cheese with a touch of basil and zucchini. As a side dish they gave tomato ketchup in a small bowl and some pickled vegetables.

Although the sandwich was a bit salty (the combination of the salty ham and the brie), the taste was quite good and I liked the fact that it was different from the usual ham and cheese grilled sandwich. I found it a very successful visit and I’m sure to drop by once in a while to have a coffee or eat a sandwich again.

Lunch at the Henann Resort, Alona Beach, Panglao

22 Mar

If this isn’t one of the best places to have lunch then what is? Sitting at a table, surrounded by palm trees and looking out over the sea. Yes indeed, the setting was great. But…how was the food? Good. Really good.

It was quite a surprise if the food would be good because when we went to the beach we sat down at some beach beds quite randomly. For approximately 10 euros per person we got ourselves per person a beach bed, a beach parasol, a table and two drinks. As I couldn’t see how the hotel looked liked, and how the kitchen looked like, the ordering of our lunch was quite a gamble. It could have been good, it could have been bad. How glad I was that it turned out to be good!

Of course, being at the sea, what could be better then some (fresh) seafood for lunch. I ordered fish (I can’t recall what kind of fish) and it was served with sauteed vegetables and rice that had something special in it. The stupid thing is that I can remember that there was something special with the rice, but I can’t recall what it was. I vaguely remember that it was garlic rice (after writing it down I am quite sure it was garlic rice). What I do remember was that it really was delicious. What a good choice! The rice had lots of flavor and the fish was really soft. It almost melted on my tongue.

I now had the food for my stomach, but I also had to look around because the views around me were pure eye candy. When I looked up I saw the palm trees hanging over us.

And when I looked around I saw more palm trees and a beautiful beach:

As for the lunch, this is what my brother ordered:

A triple club sandwich. Three slices of bread with bacon, eggs and other things, whiskey sauce?, some garnishments and chips. Looks really good don’t you think? Although I still am quite happy with my choice.

All in all: a lunch that gave me food for my stomach and food for my eyes. A great lunch.

Local Food? Not So Much Today, Le Panorama Restaurant, Panglao [Special Post]

18 Feb

Another lunch from Le Panorama Restaurant. This time it was a not so healthy and non-local lunch (except for the pork belly dish) but once again, great indeed. I haven’t got a picture of all the great dishes above but I will guide you trough all the dishes on the basis of the picture above. On the left you can see a German style curry sausage. More about this dish below. On the right you can see sausages put these were plainly grilled and without the curry sauce that the other dish had. As a matter of fact, those sausages were Hungarian style sausages and the difference was in the taste of the sausage. Both were spiced differently. On the bottom you can see a nice burger which was served with some vegetables and sauces (although this one seems to miss it). The burger as well as the sausages were served once again with the crispy fries that had accompanied a few more dishes during our stay. On the top right you can just about see the grilled pork belly (lechon), that I have posted on earlier. Also all the dishes were accompanied by a Olivier salad and some vegetables.

From the dishes above the German style Currywurst was mine. Next to the fact that it sounded good to me, I chose the dish with another reason. Since the owner of the resort was a German, I assumed that if Currywurst was on the menu he would have an eye on the preparation of the dish. Currywurst from a German is the way you have to eat it! The only thing was still  that I was in The Philippines and that the only German around wasn’t the chef. But still, after tasting the dish, I must conclude that indeed the owner had some input in the dish because it was really good. The curry was a tomato sauce/ketchup with just the right amount of curry powder blended through it. It was just like tomato ketchup with a little extra spicy touch. Very tasty.

While choosing my drink for my lunch I stepped aside from the regular San Miguel beers and chose a soda for once. I saw ‘Royal’ mentioned on the menu and since I hadn’t got a clue what it could be I ordered it to find out! ‘Royal’ proved out to be a orange soda somewhat similar to ‘Fanta’. It turned out that the similarity to ‘Fanta’  wasn’t a coincidence. ‘Royal Tru‘ as the brand really is named, is part of the Coca-Cola family and is only available in The Philippines.

The Prawn Farm in Island City Mall, Tagbilaran City, Bohol [Special Post]

17 Feb

One of of the days in The Philipines we wanted to go to a mall. Just to see how that was compared to the rest of the city, and to have lunch of course. We went to the Island City Mall which is a (as I have read in the previous link) prestigious shopping mall. Two things stood out when we went there. First the location. I don’t know if the taxi driver went on a scenic route but it looked like the mall was in a quite remote area. Secondly, the security. When entering the mall you had to took of any bags and had to show the (many) guards what was in it. Also you could get frisked if you looked a bit suspicious. Even inside the mall there were various guards at the different stores. Apparently, buying a book in the National Book Store is risky business:

In the middle you see a cop. With a gun. As a guard. In front of a BOOKSTORE!

To determine were we would go for lunch we used our travel guide(s) and we saw that The Prawn Farm was well recommended. The restaurant looks really nice from the outside (and inside) and seems fancier than the name suggests. When entering you have tanks filled with fresh lobsters, crabs, shrimp and fish on your right just waiting to be prepared for you. I couldn’t wait to order some seafood!

But first. Drinks. I ordered a fresh watermelon shake which not only looked good, but tasted very good as well:

After the drinks our first food arrived. This was something we hadn’t ordered. It was complimentary from the restaurant because we had ordered above a certain fixed price. I believe this amuse-bouche was water spinach (kangkung) that was dipped in dough and then deep fried. It was served with a whisky-cocktail sauce. Although deep fried this amuse-bouche was very light on the stomach. A delicious, crispy beginning of our lunch:

Next came the grand dish. Although The Prawn Farm has great seafood, it also serves (great) meat. Our main dish was a variety of grilled food ranging from seafood to meat. On our plate were absolutely great tasting grilled shrimps. They were prepared with a salty and spiced kind of powdered marinade which was really finger licking good. Also on our plate was grilled white fish (can’t remember what it was exactly), really sweet deliciously marinated sate and as a grand finally a grilled crab (can’t do wrong with crab:

Everything on that plate was delicious. We ate all the grilled deliciousness with rice and a side dish of grilled vegetables and it deserves a special mention since the vegetables were good. I am not a real vegetable fan, but this was simple but good.

All in all I would say that we had a great lunch at The Prawn Farm and I can understand why it was recommended. Something that is also worth mentioning is that the restaurant looks quite fancy, and the food is good, but the prices are very reasonable. The price-quality ratio was very good and after pleasing your stomach it is also very nice to not hurt your wallet for once.

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