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Korean Cuisine at Ya Zhou Café in Singapore

17 Oct

The Ya Zhou Café is a Korean restaurant in the ‘basement’ of the Suntec City Mall, next to the Fountain of Wealth. As you can see on the picture below, the menu consist of a card with pictures of dishes. I seriously cannot recall what was on the menu, but just check out the pictures of the food!

That plate above was served sizzling hot. And seriously, the sound of a stack of beef sizzling away on a plate sounds like the best symphony you could compose. The beef was slightly seasoned with spicy herbs and other spices that I couldn’t identify, but it tasted great.

The dish above was a mie soup with a beef broth. Also served with a significant amount of beef. Great.

Add some Tiger beer to the meal and it makes it instantly better.  The only thing I didn’t quite like was the soup that you can see above on the right. It was more like a broth, but it tasted a bit strange. It had a powdery, grainy ingredient which wasn’t really to my liking.

This was another delicious sizzling hot plate of meat. With this amount of meat and some rice your meal is going to get great. If you are a vegetables fan you really should order another dish since the microscopic touch of green on top were the only vegetables around.

On thing that was a great side dish was the kimchi that you can see on the bottom left of the picture above. Kimchi consist of fermented vegetables and it really does taste a lot better than it sounds.

This stewy dish was once again filled with meat, meat meat. Oh, great food times followed.


Ice cream in Singapore

8 Oct

After having some dinner in the food court next to The Fountain of Health in Singapore, we bought some ice cream as dessert. The ice cream I had as dessert (the one above) was delicious, but so much smaller than the one I should have ordered:

I don’t know what Gyuhii is and neither what Imo is, but look at that bad boy! 12 scoops of ice cream served with a whole lot of stuff. It’s a meal on its own.

Chili Pork Singaporean Jerky (Bakkwa)

27 Sep

This original Singaporean jerky is quite sweet when you eat it and also a little bit spicy. I don’t know exactly how it is made, but I know it is slightly grilled before they stack it up as you can see above . I also do know that you can find it almost everywhere in Singapore, and as you can see it is also quite popular. If you like meat and if you are in Singapore, you should taste these sweet slices of meaty goodness.



Lunch at the Maxwell Food Centre

28 Jun

Another Hawker Centre in Singapore is the Maxwell Food Centre. This one is quite different than for example the Telok Ayer Market. One of the typical things about the Maxwell Food Centre is their offer of Chinese food. This hawker is close to China Street and therefore it has a lot of Cantonese food to offer.

For example, Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice…

…or the deliciousness above. But we went for some other things. Below you can see a dish I didn’t order and therefore haven’t got a clue what it was. But looking at it just makes me hungry!

Personally, I looked around for Pig Trotters. It was something I was very curious about, but unfortunately they were sold out everywhere. I walked around Maxwell Food Centre but it seemed that they were very popular. After looking for something else to eat I settled on a Mie Soup with Cha Sieuw meat.

After this delicious lunch I noticed something very inventive and a little bit disgusting that made me laugh. At one of the food stalls they had used chewed gum to attach a hook to a wall:

Oh, and one of the most drunk drinks at Maxwell Food Centre where the drinks from Cuppy Love:

They offered all kinds of drinks, from iced drinks to coffee. But the iced drinks in all kinds of colors where definitely the most popular.

The culinary delights of Club Zouk, Singapore

20 Jun

This time a post that is a bit less focused on food, although food still has a central role. When going out, two types of food always will be present: drinks and late night snacks. And the party I went to in Singapore was no exception. To celebrate the New Year I went to a New Years party at Club Zouk where the legendary Pete Tong would spin his tracks. Once inside my brother and I went to the bar to order some ‘golden goodness’.

With some (very expensive) and ice cold Tiger Beers in our hands we walked around Club Zouk to see what it was all about.

And after the party slowly got underway we ordered another drink, this time choosing a Rum & Coke which was, remarkably, as expensive as a beer!

This red colored room was the smoking area where my brother went for a cigarette. But after he finished his cigarette and after our drinks were finished, the room itself gave a not so subliminal message:

So party we did.

And after a whole lot of dancing and drinking, my stomach beckoned me to get some food. Something I thought would be not so easy to do. Since Club Zouk is built in three old warehouses next to the Singapore river with only hotels surrounding the buildings, the area seemed as an area were food was not right around the corner. Luckily, I was wrong. I must’ve known better because in Singapore, food is always around the corner! So when I exited Club Zouk I saw a food stall that wasn’t there when I came in. Or at least, I hadn’t seen it. The good man behind the stall was selling sausages with all kinds of sauce and it was exactly what I needed.

Some fried sausages with some hot sauce over it. Perfect for an after-party snack. After having become used to the expensive drinks inside (and probably a bit because of the alcohol in the drinks) I thought that the price of around 2 euros for these sausages was extremely low. So after I finished my first sausage, I walked back to the food stall and ordered another. I can tell you though, that they tasted great.

And for those of you who will be going to Club Zouk and occasionally have the munchies while drinking inside, here’s a tip: you will/can get a stamp from the porter at the entrance with which you can exit and enter Club Zouk all night. So when you are inside drinking and suddenly craving a sausage, just go outside and enjoy!

West Coast Market and Food Centre

3 Jun

Near the place where I stayed in Singapore, there’s a hawker center opposite to West Coast Plaza which is called West Coast Market and Food Centre. So, one day for lunch, we headed towards this hawker and ordered some food to go. One of those things were the delicious sate as you can see above.

One of the places where we stopped to buy some food was the one above (and below) which was called Arifin Ali Indian Muslim Food. It had all kinds of great food and as I can recall this was the place where we bought mee goreng and murtabak. One of the things that I really wanted to try in Singapore was a dish called: Soup Toulang, which is a bone marrow soup in a thick red, strangely looking sauce. Unfortunately, they hadn’t prepared it yet (they made a large pot every day) so I couldn’t order it.

As I was walking trough the hawker and between all the people eating at the tables I looked around and chose what I wanted to eat: Chicken Rice.

As a classical Singapore dish, this was something I had to try before leaving Singapore. So at one of the stalls, I ordered it.

Here is the oh so simple looking, but oh so delicious Chicken Rice:

What is so great is that both the chicken and the rice are cooked in a very tasteful broth, so the chicken and the rice are rich in flavor. Add some of the condiments and this simple dish is simply fantastic. Although this was a modest version of the dish, there are also more elaborate versions.

Nasi Lemak – Budget Terminal, Changi Airport

7 Feb

When I was in Singapore I also went to The Philipines. So I had a vacation in a vacation. For this  short trip we took Tiger Airways which is like the Easy Jet, Transavia or Ryan Air of Singapore. So it is a relatively cheap airline. To make you feel extra cheap, the terminal where Tiger Airways departs from Changi Airport is called the Budget Terminal. But, like most things in Singapore, even if it’s cheap its still good. We went with a new plane and we didn’t have any problems or any delays so Tiger Airways was fine. The point that I will be focusing on is the Budget Terminal of Changi Airport.

We came to the airport fairly early and we didn’t have had any real breakfast. In the Budget Terminal there are different kinds of places where you could buy your breakfast. From sandwiches, bapao to rice, they have got it. Since we were in Singapore I decided to skip a simple sandwich and look for a nice rice dish. At first I tried to order a warm rice dish which had some meat in it but the woman at the stall told me that those dishes were only made at a later point during the day. The cooking machines weren’t turned on yet on this early hour. So…I walked around and looked for something else. I saw these folded banana leaves and from experience I knew there was a great chance that it would contain rice.

So I bought it and like it should at a Budget Terminal, it was cheap. How cheap I can’t recall but it was cheap. After opening it looked like this:

I know. It doesn’t look tasty at all. As a matter of fact. It looks literally like shit. But it didn’t taste like shit and it looked a lot better in reality. But still I opened my banana leaf package and saw this and didn’t had any clue what the name of this dish was. I saw rice, some dried salty fish, sauce that was sambal and some fried fish. I asked my father and he told me it was a variety of  Nasi Lemak. A dish commonly eaten in the region of Singapore and one of the national dishes of Malaysia. It is a dish which contains rice, sambal, dried anchovies and cucumber and can then be accompanied with other things like different kinds of fish, chicken or vegetables. The version I ate was very simple but very good. The sambal was a bit sweet but also still spicy. There was enough of it to became a bit like a sauce because otherwise the dish could have been to dry. The fish was also great because otherwise it would have been too simple and vegetarian. I liked my breakfast and with this in my stomach I was ready to go to The Philipines.

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