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N’s Homemade ‘Breadthingy’ & Some Homemade Tagliatelle with Salmon

14 Dec

I am not the chef of the ‘breadthingy’, nor did I eat it so I haven’t got a clue what the exact ingredients are for the ‘breadthingies’ but it sure does look good! I believe I see some olives, some cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and I believe some bacon. On the right ‘breadthingy’ it also has some unidentifiable green things as you can see. Maybe bell peppers? Or they could be just chopped olives. Also, and I am not entirely sure about this but this assumption is highly probable, the basis is most probably an omelet with some sort of molten cheese on top.

Two good looking 'breadthingies'!

And another dish that I unfortunately did not taste! I am sure about some of the ingredients of this dish though. It is homemade tagliatelle with salmon. I don’t know what kind of cheese is used on top, but probably some nice typical grated Dutch cheese.

I like!


I will ask the chef what the ingredients were and I will update it as soon as I know. Unless the ingredients are too gruesome to share….

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