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Creamy Bacon and Extravaganzza Pizza

30 Nov

2013-08-03 19.02.37

What do you do when you are hungry and a bit too lazy to cook a meal? Buy some pizzas! Looking at the menu of Domino’s Pizza, these two were picked: the Creamy Bacon (above) and the Extravaganzza (below).

2013-08-03 19.02.42

The Creamy Bacon is topped with crème fraîche, mozzarella, bacon, ham, mushrooms, red onion and oregano. The Extravaganzza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, red onion, peppers, pepperoni, ham, ground beef, mushrooms, olives and extra mozzarella. And how did the pizzas taste? Just like any other Domino’s pizza actually. Don’t expect culinary wonders, but I can say it tastes just fine. Set your mind on delivery pizza-mode and you are good to go.


Tuincafé Intratuin

22 Mar

A few days ago I went with my girlfriend to the Intratuin. Intratuin is the largest chain of garden centres in The Netherlands, but we weren’t going there to buy plants or flowers. No, we went there to eat! In my quest for food no place and no food is forgotten so even the Tuincafé (garden café) of the Intratuin gets a visit. My girlfriend wasn’t hungry so she settled for the ‘seasons coffee’ which was coffee with white chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream, decorated with pieces of chocolate and a piece of kruidkoek (a Dutch cake made of rye, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, succade and nutmeg).

Unlike my girlfriend, I sure was hungry! I ordered the ‘panini of the month’ which was more like a grilled cheese sandwich than a panini. The bread was landbrood which is a soft bread with a crunchy, chewy crust. The bread was grilled (look at those grill marks!) so it became even more crunchy. The topping was coburgerham which is a salty German ham and brie cheese with a touch of basil and zucchini. As a side dish they gave tomato ketchup in a small bowl and some pickled vegetables.

Although the sandwich was a bit salty (the combination of the salty ham and the brie), the taste was quite good and I liked the fact that it was different from the usual ham and cheese grilled sandwich. I found it a very successful visit and I’m sure to drop by once in a while to have a coffee or eat a sandwich again.

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